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Cocktail Kits

Gifts & One Offs

All inclusive cocktail kits contain all the ingredients to create 5 different double measure cocktails – just add ice.

All the ingredients, tried and tested recipes, cocktail history and the tips and techniques needed to shake things up like a pro.

Cocktail kits are the perfect way to say thank you, an awesome gift for a birthday, housewarming, or just to treat someone special.

Sampling Collections

Party Cocktail Kits

If you’re planning a party, family get together, hen do, intimate wedding, big barbecue or any other gathering then get in touch to discuss a personalised cocktail kits from Drinks By Post.

You choose the drinks, tell us how many guests and we’ll do the rest.

Not only do you end up with the very best cocktails at your party and learn a new skill, but the interactive cocktail bar doubles up as a fantastic party activity.

Want to be together but can’t? Send a Cocktail Kit.

We can dispatch matching kits to different addresses for a virtual cocktail party over Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Make and enjoy your cocktails together wherever you all are.

Gift Subscriptions

The Cocktail Kit Subscription is the all inclusive, ‘just add ice’ collection. With techniques, stories and recipes included, they’ll gain the confidence to master any cocktail.


The Tasting Club Subscription has incredible sampling collections of the world’s finest spirits. Without investing in full bottles, the information, tasting notes and backstories will give a unique depth of knowledge.

All this will be delivered to their door every month. What could be better?

Can’t decide? In a hurry? Grab one of our GIFT CARDS.

3 Months


6 Months


12 Months


Tasting Club Membership

Each box includes 5 x 30ml tasters with a total bottle value exceeding £300  – a limited edition collection delivered to your door every month.

You choose the spirit and we’ll send you a curated collection every month highlighting a particular distillery, region or style. The chance to sample a collection of the finest spirits – tasting notes, tips and knowledge included.

You deserve this. They deserve this. Hell, everyone deserves this.

£35 per month.

Cocktail Kits Membership

Limited edition, premium cocktail collections, regularly delivered to your door or theirs.

Each box contains everything you need to create 5 exquisite cocktails at home. Just add ice. Complete with recipes, tips and cocktail knowledge – we’ll have you shaking things up like a pro!

Treat yourself. Treat a friend. Treat your partner. Hell, treat anyone you like.

£35 per month.

It’s your subscription – you call the shots.

Equipment & Goodies

Never fear, we’ve got the gear.

…coming soon

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