eco friendly crackers and plastic free Christmas crackers festive cocktails

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Crackers

Enjoy traditional Christmas crackers and keep a clear conscience with our eco friendly crackers.

Use your cracker pieces to grow your oak tree, put it all in your recycling or better still, throw the whole lot onto your compost heap. But please don’t fill your bin with plasticised remains, foiled decorations and ‘single use toys’.


The Acorn

Eco friendly, plastic free crackers including acorns

Each eco friendly cracker also includes a simple acorn and planting instructions to grow your own majestic oak tree. The bottle trees above are between one & three years old and create a stunning indoor forest. When they outgrow their bottles they can be planted outside to happily grow for centuries to come.

Not only will you help us in our quest to create the first ever Christmas Crackers with a positive environmental impact, but you and your family will have permanent and beautiful reminders of the Christmas of 2021.

Plastic Free

Plastic Free Crackers in beautiful and luxurious colours

Prior to the Coronavirus Crisis, the movement against plastics was gaining huge traction and starting to have a genuine impact on our climate, our oceans and our way of life. However, with the huge need for PPE and increased hygiene requirements the plastic free momentum has been all but lost.

We all know that plastics are incredibly useful, and in some settings are hard to avoid, but when there is the potential to remove them entirely from a supply chain, there seems no valid excuse not to do so. As a business we draw a line at unnecessarily polluting the planet for our own financial gain, and it’s one we won’t cross – hence our plastic free crackers.

We have looked at the impact of every stage of our product lifecycle in what is called a ‘cradle to grave’ analysis. From the production of the materials used, through the supply and enjoyment of our crackers, right up to their eventual disposal we have gone to great lengths to minimise and even eliminate their environmental impact.

The Ribbon

Luxury ribbon on eco friendly crackers. Plastic free crackers.

These stunning ribbons from Lancaster & Cornish are hand made from organic bamboo silk, and are coloured by hand using only plant based dies. Not only are they plastic free and low environmental impact, they are even vegan friendly.

Far too beautiful to throw away, we look forward to seeing how you choose to reuse your eco cracker ribbon. They enhance any bunch of flowers, look beautiful in hair and make an elegant addition to your Christmas tree.

The Bottle

Christmas cocktails in plastic free Christmas crackers

The cocktails in our plastic free crackers are bottled in glass for freshness and quality. Both the glass bottle and the aluminium lid are universally recycled, or the paper label can be easily washed off and the bottle re-purposed.

Your bottles are the perfect starter for bottle trees, make a beautiful collection of small vases or can be refilled with food, drink or toiletries. The more times your bottle is reused before eventually being recycled, the more we can lower the environmental impact of our Christmas together.

The Paper

Luxury plastic free and eco friendly Christmas crackers

The paper stock chosen for our plastic free crackers is produced to the highest sustainability standard from FSC certified suppliers. It has a recycled content, and both the paper and the gold foiling are fully recyclable with no need for separation.

The Printers

Eco friendly Christmas crackers. Beautiful, elegant and plastic free.

Our print partners St Austell Print Company were specifically selected to produce our eco friendly crackers based on their industry leading environmental credentials. They have won numerous prestigious environmental and industry awards, recently being recognised as “One of the UK’s most sustainable printing companies”.

More information on their excellent initiatives, innovations and environmental measures can be found HERE.

Photography – Holes In The World

Shoot Styling & Flowers – Garden Gate Flower Company

Ribbon – Lancaster & Cornish

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